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A clever cross between Saw and Belko Experiment
4 January 2019
I saw this film with my wife and in-laws - just a few days after we all went to a an actual "escape room". Astonishingly, everybody including myself was impressed with this film. You know you have a good movie when all generations of a family like it!

The acting was great - but more importantly this film had a great story. It never got boring. A very clever idea to combine aspects of the Saw films with modern escape rooms.

The only criticism I have about this film is that the twist at the end was a bit of a stretch - very difficult to swallow. But Overall - an excellent film.
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Keeps you guessing - shame about the ending
10 April 2018
This films was similar to the 60s and 70s British anthology films. These were horror films were there were several short stories within the films. I love these kind of movies - specially the Hammer horrors.

While this film also had creepy and eerie sections - and A LOT better film than "A Quiet Place" (which was mediocre) this film could have ended better.

It felt a bit like the writers gave up towards the end as to how to wrap it up and give some logic to the film.
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Mediocre film and Monsters were against logic
10 April 2018
The monsters in this apparently can only hear but cannot see. Really? Consider the fact that science has proven that evolution managed to "create" the eye many times in history - not to mention the dinosaurs who also could see. And yet these creatures (from outer space presumably) had no eyes?

In the film you see newspapers being printed with the words "IT'S SOUND!" - telling their readers that the monsters are sensitive to sound. This makes no logical sense! How is it possible that you can have factories making newspapers - one of the most noisy factories on the planet by the way- and these papers are then magically distributed to people without any problems? You would expect these monsters hear these factories printing the papers and smashing them to pieces!

I suppose the story writers think the viewers are so dim or stupid that they would not notice these inconsistencies!

Film was not scary either. Not one bit. Other than the SUDDEN loud noises - which by the way is not one bit clever or genius. Anyone can scare someone by shouting "BOO" in a quiet place.
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Don't believe the haters, excellent soundtrack
8 September 2017
I read loads of negative reviews about this film, but 99% of them are from obsessive "fans" of the original comic. People like me who have NOT read the comic - because we actually have a life - LIKED the movie.

Yes OK so the movie was not "great", but was watchable. The soundtrack to this film was absolutely awesome. In fact, the score was the main saving grace of the film and why I stayed and watched the movie all the way to the end. I am a great fan of 80s synth sound, and it was used in this film brilliantly.

So don't believe all the haters. The movie was OK and the cast was well chosen. I think the film could have been better if it was shorter, but again, the music made it worthwhile.
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