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Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman are interrupted having sex; both are shown completely nude from the side, his middle section is blocked from view by her legs, the woman's breast and side of her butt are visible. Bare legs and bellies shown in scenes of two pregnant women. A man and woman briefly make out in a bed.
  • Implied sex between two main characters, lots of passionate kissing.
  • A woman in exercise pants and a tank top stretching. The view is from the side so it is fairly minor. A man walks in and is looking at her and she says to him something like not a chance.
  • Malorie walks into the kitchen and pulls out a chair at the table and sits down. She hears a sound and begins to investigate. She walks into kitchen, then living room, and then back into kitchen. She walks toward a back entry door and soon after slides open a door where we see a man and woman having sex. We see nudity on both. Fine soon after she says sorry and slides the door closed.
  • Malorie and Tom start kissing. He lays her back and with clothes on they are seen with him laying on her, with her legs up, as they kiss. The scene ends as a classic cut scene, going to them asleep, where we see her in a fairly modest slip. Sex is implied.

Violence & Gore

  • the deaths are gruesome and gory.
  • In the beginning of the movie when the hysteria begins, there is a lot of background violence as people start commiting mass suicide
  • A woman bashes her head into a window repeatedly, her forehead is extremely bloody with a large gash
  • A man is hacked in the arm and neck with a machete and then drowns


  • Frequent use of "fuck" (@5 min, 2x@10 min, 2x@11 min, 1 @ 14 min, 2 @ 15 min, 4 @ 16 min, 1 @ 19 min, 1 @ 24 min, 1 @ 26 min, 1 @ 29 min, 1 @ 31 min), "shit", "damn" among other minor profanities..
  • Misuse of Jesus' name as an exclamation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • In the house, a man is seen putting drugs in his mouth, but he is then stopped by another resident / survivor.
  • One character in particular is seen drinking a lot, is drunk in one or two scenes

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • an unseen force drives people to suicide. there are a very large number of gruesome deaths.
  • Suggested Rating R for abbrent violence and bloody gory images, some sexually/ nudity and language
  • Characters struggle to keep their eyes closed as wind blows around them and whispers entice them to open their eyes. In several scenes the monster is trying to get to characters who are visibly upset/shaken. Scenes like this may frighten even older audiences.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • After crashing her car, Jessica walks into the path of a large truck and is brutally rundown
  • Lydia calmly climbs into a burning car and we see her start to burn alive, she does not flinch, the car then explodes
  • Greg, tied to a chair, rattles it back and forth until it tips and he busts his head open on a brick fixture
  • Charlie is hacked to death offscreen, we just see a pool of blood pouring out under the door he just ran through
  • Both Olympia and Malorie give birth, there is a mild amount of blood
  • Olympia jumps through a closed window and we can hear her body smack the ground. A "crush" sound is heard
  • Gary forces Cheryl's eyes open and she stabs herself mulitple times in the neck with scissors
  • Gary stabs Douglas to death with scissors
  • Tom shoots Gary twice with a shotgun offscreen (his body is not seen)
  • Tom shoots a group of people before turning the gun on himself offscreen

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