Секреты Лос-Анджелеса (1997) Poster

Danny DeVito: Sid Hudgens



  • Sid Hudgens : Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.

  • Sid Hudgens : Are you tight with the DA, Jackie?

    Jack Vincennes : Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. He tried to throw me off the force last Christmas as a little joke.

  • [first lines] 

    Sid Hudgens : [voiceover]  Come to Los Angeles! The sun shines bright, the beaches are wide and inviting, and the orange groves stretch as far as the eye can see. There are jobs aplenty, and land is cheap. Every working man can have his own house, and inside every house, a happy, all-American family. You can have all this, and who knows... you could even be discovered, become a movie star... or at least see one. Life is good in Los Angeles... it's paradise on Earth." Ha ha ha ha. That's what they tell you, anyway.

  • Sid Hudgens : 'It's Christmas Eve in the City of Angels and while decent citizens sleep the sleep of the righteous, hopheads prowl for marijuana, not knowing that a man is coming to stop them! Celebrity crimestopper Jack Vincennes, scourge of grasshoppers and dopefiends everywhere!' Ya like it, Jackie boy?

    Jack Vincennes : Yeah, subtle.

  • Jack Vincennes : Karen, this is Sid Hudgens of Hush-Hush Magazine.

    Sid Hudgens : Hellooooo, Karen!

    Jack's Dancing Partner : Hello yourself!

    [walks off angrily] 

    Jack Vincennes : What's that about?

    Sid Hudgens : Eh, we ran a piece last year, "Ingenue Dykes in Hollywood." Her name got mentioned.

  • Sid Hudgens : Get me some narco skinny. I want to do an all-hophead issue. You know, schwartze jazz musicians and movie stars. You like it?

  • Jack Vincennes : How's it hanging, Sid?

    Sid Hudgens : Down around my ankles.

  • Sid Hudgens : [voiceover]  Something has to be done, but nothing too original, because hey, this is Hollywood.

  • Sid Hudgens : He's on a night train to the big adios.

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