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Poll: If Your Life Was a Movie, What Genre Would It Be?

Which genre best fits your life based on the criteria given? Please don't vote for your favorite genre on the list - vote for the one which best describes you or your life. Thanks!

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    First Blood (1982)

    An action movie, because my life is very fast-paced.
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    Индиана Джонс: В поисках утраченного ковчега (1981)

    An adventure movie, because my life is full of excitement.
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    Доктор Стрейнджлав, или Как я научился не волноваться и полюбил атомную бомбу (1964)

    A black comedy, because I'm very cynical.
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    Питер Пэн (1953)

    A children's movie, because I'm still a child at heart (or, for that matter, still a child).
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    Крёстный отец (1972)

    A crime drama, because I live life on the edge.
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    Пролетая над гнездом кукушки (1975)

    A serious drama, because I take life very seriously.
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    Duck Soup (1933)

    A screwball comedy, because I don't take life seriously at all.
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    Волшебник страны Оз (1939)

    A fantasy, because I'm creative and whimsical.
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    Blade Runner (1982)

    A science fiction movie, because I'm creative and practical.
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    Двойная страховка (1944)

    A film noir, because I'm always getting myself into trouble.
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    Бен-Гур (1959)

    A historical drama, because I'm living in the past.
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    House of Wax (1953)

    A horror movie, because I hate the way my life is going.
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    Эта замечательная жизнь (1946)

    An inspirational movie, because I'm always trying to help others.
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    Поющие под дождём (1952)

    A musical, because I'm very light-hearted.
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    Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

    A mystery, because I'm trying to figure out my life.
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    When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

    A romantic comedy, because I'm in the perfect relationship.
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    The Way We Were (1973)

    A romantic drama, because I'm in a relationship, but it's not perfect.
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    На север через северо-запад (1959)

    A thriller, because my life is out of control.
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    Вспоминая Титанов (2000)

    A sports movie, because I've worked hard to achieve my goals.
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    Superman (1978)

    A superhero movie, because I'm completely out of touch with reality.
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    The Longest Day (1962)

    A war movie, because I'm always struggling against something.
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    Ровно в полдень (1952)

    A western, because I have an old-fashioned worldview.
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    Eraserhead (1977)

    An experimental movie, because my life is confusing.
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    Канатоходец (2008)

    A documentary about success.
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    Затерянные в Ла-Манче (2002)

    A documentary about failure.
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    La jetée (1962)

    A short film, because there's nothing much to tell.

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