Listen to the Corpse Club Discuss Escape Room Movie and Escape Room Experiences on a New Episode of Daily Dead’s Podcast

Keep one eye out for clues and another on the clock, because the Corpse Club co-hosts discuss the new Escape Room movie and their own escape room experiences on a new episode of Daily Dead's podcast.

Whether they feature zombies, traps, or mind-bending puzzles, escape rooms are all the rage right now. With the new year kicking off with the theatrical release of Adam Robitel's Escape Room, Corpse Club co-hosts Scott Drebit, Derek Anderson, Jonathan James, and Tamika Jones share their thoughts on the first big-screen horror release of 2019, including their favorite setting in the movie, how they would have fared in the characters' shoes, and their ideas for potential Escape Room sequels. The co-hosts also discuss their real-life escape room experiences, ranging from Fear The Walking Dead: Survival and Saw in Las Vegas to an immersive Zodiac Killer puzzle.

With this episode marking the Corpse Club debut of
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