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David Menefee. George O'Brien: A Man's Man in Hollywood. Boalsberg, PA: Bear Manor Media, 2009.

Articles (17)

Classic Images (US) February 1996, Iss. 248, pg. 47-48, by: George Katchmer, "Remembering the Great Silents"
Films in Review (US) 1994, Iss. May/June, pg. 50-52, by: Maury Daly, "George O'Brien"
Classic Images (US) August 1987, Iss. 146, pg. 23, by: John Cocchi, "The 2nd Feature; A History of the B Movies"
Classic Images (US) October 1985, Iss. 124, pg. 40-41, by: Robert Cotton, "George O'Brien... Fadeout"
Variety (US) September 11 1985, pg. 94:2, "George O'Brien"
Los Angeles Times (US) September 8 1985, pg. B8:4, "George O'Brien"
New York Times (US) September 6 1985, pg. B6:5, "George O'Brien, Movie Actor"
Classic Images (US) March 1979, Iss. 62, pg. 19, by: Mario de Marco, "George O'Brien, Seafaring Cowboy"
Silver Screen Magazine (US) September 1934, Vol. four, Iss. eleven, pg. 29; 58, by: S.R. Mook, ""Whoa!""
Motion Picture Classic (US) October 1927, pg. 42, 84, by: Lewis Kelton, "Stunting to Stardom"
Moving Picture Stories (US) March 1 1927, pg. 7, by: Henriette, "From Hollywood to You [accused his valet of theft]"
Motion Picture Classic (US) August 1926, pg. 56, 86, "The O'Brien Boy Gets a Kick Out of Life"
Motion Picture Classic (US) August 1925, pg. 24-25, 81, by: Dorothy Donnell, "A Child of the Frisco Earthquake Is George O'Brien"
Moving Picture World (US) June 27 1925, pg. 997, ill, "George O'Brien"
Movie Weekly (US) March 21 1925, pg. 8-9, 30, "Once a Cameraman--Now a Star"
Moving Picture World (US) December 13 1924, pg. 659, "George O'Brien"
Moving Picture World (US) August 9 1924, pg. 471, "Dorothy Mackaill and George O'Brien Featured by Wm. Fox"

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